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ekSel Toaster Bags (3 bags in a pack)


Brand : ekSel (USA)

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Why use a ekSel Toaster Bags?

Great price and very good quality. Moreover, is very easy/simple to use, and easy to clean! The grilled cheese sandwich is clearly THE recipe these bags were designed for. A great supplement to any kitchen, but really a perfect kitchen “tool” for any apartment dweller – enables the toaster to become more of a multipurpose device: sort of a combo of toaster oven, grilling pan, oven and microwave! As someone who needs to be gluten free – these make using a toaster again so easy! You may need to toast a bit longer than normal to get a nice brown color. However, once you know your preferred setting, though, it’s great! Furthermore, you do not need to worry about scrubbing into the corners or anything like that. When you are gluten free, it is really nice to find things that make eating and preparing food a little more simple again – and this does just that.

These bags work flawlessly and they are pliable which allows them to fit in various toaster slots. They don’t emit any type of unpleasant odor, which has been an issue with similar bags in the past. You can use the bags to make a grilled cheese (or other) sandwich as well. Now that you have found this brand, you will never travel without them!

About ekSel Toaster Bags:

  • Make gluten-free bread sandwiches without cross-contamination. Perfect for preventing food allergies
  • Healthy, make toast without butter
  • No more crumbs in toaster
  • Clean, non-stick means no mess!

How to use?

  • Simply prepare toast, put into bag & place in toaster!
  • And can be used for pizza slices, hash browns, bacon & more.
  • In addition, Usable in Toaster, Microwave, Oven and Grill.


  • Furthermore, Re-usable more than 50 times when cared for well.
  • Also, wash with soapy warm water once done!

Dimensions: W 16cm x H 18cm x Thickness 0.76cm
3 bags in a pack!

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