Chilled Sweet & Spicy Soba Noodles

Chilled Sweet & Spicy Soba Noodles

Chilled Sweet & Spicy Soba Noodles – This cold noodle salad gets a summer upgrade when topped with sliced nectarines. The recipe takes full advantage of the fruit by doubling it up in the ingredients. Nectarines are also in the dressing for sweetness in every bite.

Serves: 4
Start to Finish: 20 Minutes


  • 260g soba noodles
  • 2 firm nectarines or peaches, pitted
  • 3 tbsp gochujang (red chilli paste)
  • 1 tbsp rice vinegar, soya sauce & sesame oil
  • 1/2 seedless cucumber, cut into matchsticks
  • 3 small carrots, peeled and cut into matchsticks
  • 1 cup shredded romaine
  • 2 tsp roasted sesame seeds


1. Bring a large saucepan of water to a boil. Cook noodles according to package directions. Drain well, rinse under cold water until cool, and drain again.

2. Meanwhile, finely grate half of a nectarine into a large bowl. Add the gochujang, vinegar, Soya sauce, and sesame oil to the bowl and whisk until well blended. Thinly slice the remaining nectarines and reserve.

3. Add cooled noodles to the bowl with sauce and toss until evenly coated.

4. Divide the dressed noodles among 4 serving bowls. Arrange the nectarines, cucumber, carrots, and romaine on top. Sprinkle with the sesame seeds and serve with sliced nectarines.

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