You can create a super delicious and nutritious sandwich with whole grain bread, sliced ripe bananas, and a generous slathering of our delicious Chocolate No-Nut Butter. This wonderful spread is made from naturally sweet and “nutty” tasting golden peas which means it’s a great way to pack in the veggie nutrition for your kids. Moreover, it is all natural, nut-free and gluten-free and it is edible by those with food allergies. Lastly, it makes a great snack for nut-free school requirements.

Sneaky Chef Chocolate No-Nut Butter is a peanut butter alternative and is the making from golden peas. Besides, it will not only convert true peanut butter lovers, it is an option for those who cannot eat peanuts. No-Nut Butter is produced in a nut-free facility. It is soy, gluten and dairy free, made without artificial colours or flavours.


1) Toast the bread first if you or your kids like it warm, or serve untoasted on hot summer days. Either way, bananas are the perfect compliment to Chocolate No Nut Butter. And everyone is in for a fantastic treat that will provide hours of nutritious fuel to burn!

2) Add a drizzle of honey to moisten and sweeten it up even more. Then, prepare for a few yummy drips to keep up with!

Source: Sneaky Chef

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