Crusted Tofu with Ponzu Sauce

Crusted Tofu with Ponzu Sauce

The Four Grain Ponzu in Crusted Tofu with Ponzu Sauce is the star if this recipe! The tangy soy sauce with citrus makes the tofu shine. Combined with pistachios (or cashews) and mayonnaise is an unexpected, creamy and delicious way.

Ingredients: (2 servings)

Cut the tofu into 4 rectangles. Also not forgetting to press between paper towels to dry. Pour ponzu into shallow bowl or pie dish. Add the tofu rectangles to ponzu and marinate for 15 minutes, turning occasionally. Meanwhile, pluse nuts in a processor until finely ground. Careful not to allow it to turn into paste. Pat tofu dry and season with pepper for an extra spice. Whisk mayonnaise into ponzu in bowl. Work with 1 tofu at a time to prevent mess! Coat the tofu with the ponzu mayonnaise mixture. Then coat them with the ground pistachios.

Heat oil in a large nonstick pan over medium heat. Cook the tofu until golden brown (3-4 minutes per side). Spoon the remaining ponzu mayonnaise onto a plate. Place the tofu on top of the sauce and serve!

Additionally, you can also make this dish into a side dish. Enjoy with steamy hot rice or even noodles of your choice! If you do not feel like having a heavy meal, you can definitely opt for a salad bowl with the crusted tofu as the main source of protein!

Tip: You can always opt the pistachios or nuts completely. Try using our bread crumbs as the crust for this recipe instead. You can always follow this recipe for the ponzu dipping sauce and enjoy it with bread crumbs crusted tofu. It will be just as delicious too! 

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