Easy Vegan Meal Thai Green Curry

Easy Vegan Meal Thai Green Curry

Enjoy this delicious plant-based meal at home in under 3 minutes with Easy Vegan Meal Thai Green Curry! Combine with mild green curry sauce, and a bowl of nutritious brown rice, that is all to make a flavourful packed meal at home!

About the Easy Meals range: We’ve chosen your favourite flavours from around the world and created a range of instant, plant-based meals. Convenient food is made humanely without the use of animal products.

The Easy Meals range is high in protein and a good source of fibre. It is also free from gluten, dairy, and nuts and suitable for vegans.

1 box of Easy Vegan Meal Thai Green Curry can serve 1-2 people. 

To prepare this, cut out the packet and pour the content into a microwaveable bowl or plate. Pour into 2 separate bowls if you are preparing for two servings. You can easily add many other ingredients to make this super delicious too!

Boil some baby corn and broccoli until cooked. Then, add the baby corn and broccoli in the curry sauce and mix well. Enjoy the delicious meal with the extra crunch! Furthermore, you can also add more coriander, basil or mint to enhance the flavour, giving it a minty flavour! Additionally, if you would like to make this meal packed full of protein, you can always add lightly fried tofu, boiled chickpeas, boiled green peas or even lentils!

A curry like this only needs a few simple accompaniments to help enhance both the flavour and eating experience, adding texture or a pallet-cleansing freshness.

Some additional ingredients to serve alongside your Thai curry includes:

  • Sliced bananas: for an extra sweetness for those who love to experiment flavours in food
  • Salted fried shallots/onions: extra crunchy texture for your curry
  • Spring onions: a delicious garnish that enhances the flavour
  • Cucumbers: Adds a pallet-cleansing freshness
  • Pineapples: the citrus flavour gives an extra flavour


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