Essentials with Pinkk

Essentials with Pinkk

It is always great to stock up our essentials with Pinkk. The Pinkk series has Ionic Silver as one of the ingredients which can be very beneficial to us.

What is Ionic Silver?

The early Greeks and Romans were wrapping their wounds with silver foil. Thus the body fluids coming into contact with the silver oxidised the silver slightly. Furthermore, this then leads to the release of silver ions and it was these ions that were attacking the bacteria and killing them.

Silver ions inhibit the growth of bacteria by deactivating the bacteria’s oxygen metabolism enzymes. This destroys the bacteria’s cell membranes, stopping the replication of bacteria’s DNA and preventing the bacteria from multiplying.

With the Pinkk Baby Care Ionic Silver Spray is a non- irritant, non-scented and alcohol-free spray for young and tender skin.
It eases irritated skin conditions including but not limited to burns, cuts, eczema, grazes, heat rash, infected wound, nappy rash and sunburn. All you have to do is to spray a liberal amount on affected area as often as needed.

For our animal lovers and pet owners, we have a product for you too for your furry friends!
Pinkk PetCare Ionic Silver Spray is non-irritant, non-scented and alcohol-free. Safe to spray on all conditions including but not limited to abscesses, ear infections, eye irritations, foul breath, gum infections, hot spots, infected wounds, odour, rashes and ringworm.

Suitable for dogs, cats, birds, other pets and animals too!

! Stay Safe !

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