Keeping Safety a Priority

Keeping Safety a Priority

Keeping safety a priority is always important. If we do not prioritise our safety, nothing else should matter as without safety, your life is always at risk. Furthermore, with the pandemic going around, we can never let our guard down. Having additional protection is always better than only having one.

Face Shield

One of the benefits of face shields is that they protect the entire face. The plastic panel that hangs from the top of the forehead and extends below the chin prevents large respiratory droplets that are thought to carry the virus from reaching the wearer. Additionally, some say it is hard to wear a shield incorrectly! Unlike face masks, it may slip at times under our nose. With the face shield, it is so comfortable that no matter how many facial expression you make, it will still stay the same.

The Japanese Face Shield aims to protect the entire face. Additionally, it protects from hazards such as dust, splashes, droplets and saliva. It is comfortable to wear and also does not hurt the eyes and skin. At only 28g, it is super lightweight and comfortable to wear! Furthermore, those who use glasses, this face shield has optimal space for your glasses.

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Kids Face Mask

Face mask is essential to wear before we leave our houses. However, did you know that younger kids require a different type of mask? As normal face masks are one size fits all, it is quite difficult for the kids to actually be able to wear them. The Japanese Elementary Kids Three Layer Mask is perfect for children with smaller faces. The pleated mask creates a space around your mouth. Moreover, it uses a flat rubber to prevent ear hurts. These masks come in a bag of 3 pieces of masks, making them easy to bring around or pack into a child’s bag.

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However, wearing a face mask and a face shield is not enough to protect ourselves. With keeping our distance from one another. Washing our hands whenever we can and topping it off with hand sanitizers. This are the steps we can do to optimize our safety!

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! Stay Safe !



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