Panda Rice Ball with Curry

Panda Rice Ball with Curry

Panda Rice Ball with Curry is the basic of curry rice recipe, you can add additional ingredients based on your preference such as chicken/ beef or maybe katsu or melting cheese on top your curry rice. Super easy rite? Let’s cook!!

Curry RECIPE (for 1 portion)


1. Sautee potato, vegetable and onion with oil until lightly browned.

2. Add curry sauce mix and water, bring to full boil.

3. Cook over medium low heat around 20 minutes until curry thickens.

Panda Rice Ball RECIPE


  • Rice (4 full tbspn of rice for each rice ball)
  • Nori seaweed

1. Cut nori seaweed for the eyes, nose, mouth and body.

2. Put around 4 full tablespoons of rice on top plastic wrap and roll it.

3. Put the nori seaweed on rice ball, use tweezers to help assembling the nori.

If you want your rice ball easier to make and tastier, you can buy Japanese rice, but if you don’t have, we have a tip for you, you can try mixing glutinous rice with normal rice with a ratio of 1 glutinous rice : 5 rice (example, 50gr of glutinous rice : 250gr of rice), mix the rice and then cook it, in the end you will get a sticker rice texture like Japanese rice.

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