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Exclusive Beverage products to satisfy your thirst!

With our exclusive beverages, there should not be any excuses for not going outside to get some physical activity in our Sunny Singapore. The minimum weekly physical activity recommendation for adults is 150 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous physical activity, sport or exercise, in 10 minute (or longer) sessions.

Any physical activity is a great way to put the fun into fitness! However, you need to pay special attention to hydration in order to enjoy the activity. Your body perspires more during exercise to help you cool down. Depending on the temperature and nature of the activity, you might not even realize how much you are perspiring. Don’t rely on thirst alone to tell you how much you need to drink. To keep those muscles working and avoid exhaustion, it is crucial to drink plenty of liquid!

Here at Glutenfreesg, our various beverages are able to quench your thirst and provide the nutrients to power up your body. We have beverages that provide carbohydrates for energy and minerals to replace lost electrolytes in your sweat. We also have convenient healthy shakes which can be your breakfast on-the-go, a snack in-between meals, or a post-workout shake. Not forgetting, our different flavourful tea for a quick energy peak in the morning or after your meals.  

Come and Shop for your favourite glutenfree beverage now!

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