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Messy Monkey, the go to brand parents love to for their kids! Those young and heart would enjoy the range of delicious goodness!

What are our products free from, and just how ‘free from’ are they?

For us, what we leave out of our products is just as important as what we put in. Also, when we say a product is ‘free from’ something, we make sure it really is.

We advise all consumers to read the ingredients list and allergen statements on all Freedom Foods products before use.  Allergens may vary from product to product hence we recommended reading the “Free From”, “Contains” and “May Contain” statements on the front and side panel of pack for a clear indication.


If the box states the product is nut free, that means that we test at the factory for the presence of PeanutsAlmondsHazelnutsWalnutsBrazil NutsCashewMacadamiaPecans or Pistachios, and we don’t find them. Also, not all of our cereals and snack bars are manufactured here so please check the labels.


Messy Monkey are passionate about ensuring our products are gluten-free! Additionally, the rigorous process includes testing of raw materials, throughout the product process, and testing every batch of finished product using internationally validated methods (to AOAC standards).      Our Messy Monkeys Rice Puff Bars are no longer verified as being Gluten Free. Whilst there has been no change to the formulation of our Messy Monkey Rice Puff Bars (Vanilla, Chocolate & Berry) significant increase in manufacturing volumes in our bar facility has caused difficulties in being able to confidently source certified gluten free raw materials for all our product ranges.

  • Please note: A few of our products are made in other factories that may contain gluten, please read the ingredients list and allergen statements on the side of pack before you purchase.
Artificial Colours & Flavours
  • While other leading snack brands may add artificial colours and flavours into their foods. We don’t. Thus, you won’t find a single artificial colour or flavour in any of our products. Also trust us, you won’t miss them.
Genetically Modified Ingredients
  • We are proud to say that all Freedom Foods products produced in Australia are free of genetically modified ingredients. We adhere to the Food Standards Code of Australia and New Zealand, if you’d like to learn more about our standards.

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