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Robern Menz has more than a century of experience in dried fruit. In fact it’d be fair to say nobody knows fruit processing like Robern. It’s a skill and art form. That has been handed down from generation to generation. Honed and perfected. The Robern name is synonymous with quality. Because we don’t cut corners. And we work tirelessly. To ensure we source the finest, high quality fruit from Australia. And around the world. Today we still make our Delightfuls range. Which includes our Apricot Coconut Balls. And Apricot Indulgence.

Then there’s the Menz Story. The Menz brand has stood the test of time since 1850 and still to this day, consistently delivers some truly delicious products, some of which are genuinely legendary. There’s FruChocs (first produced in 1948) and Crown Mints (first produced in 1892) – two iconic products that are loved and enjoyed as much today as the day they were first released onto the market.

Until recently, we were called Robern Menz, and there’s a Robern story, and a Menz story, that then join up to create the company we are today.

We also produce JeliChocs, Menz Classic Fruit and Nuts range the highly popular Menz Choccy Snakes and last, but definitely not least, Australia’s Violet Crumble.

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