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Nishikiya is an in-house brand of “Nishiki Foods”, a manufacturer specializing in retort pouch foods. Nishikiya was founded in 1939 and has its head office and factory in Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.
We are particular about selecting water, salt, and ingredients, and we make “feast retort” that makes the best use of delicious ingredients without using any chemical seasonings, fragrances, or colorings.
There are about 100 kinds of menus such as curry, soup, pasta sauce, and porridge.
Nishikiya hopes that your meal time will be enjoyable and enriched with abundant dishes.

Retort Story

The world’s first retort curry appeared in 1968, and the technology of retort was about to create a new wind in Japanese food culture. “Nishiki Foods” was a small tsukudani restaurant in a corner of the city . “Nishiki Foods” had a dream of the future of a new technology called retort. We decided to introduce a retort kettle, and it was about 7 years after the world’s first retort curry came on the market.

The future of technology called “retort”. “Nishiki Foods”, who knew that retort was a “small pressure cooker”, emphasizes the appeal of being able to store as much stewed food as you want, and for a long period of time. The first thing that responded was the family restaurant. “Nishiki Foods” was the best supporter for family restaurants that had to provide a large amount of sauces that took a long time to stew, such as curry, hamburger sauce, and pasta sauce, with the same quality.

Eventually, we started working together from menu making. We began to develop private brand products with many companies in search of their technology, ideas, and creativity. At the same time, we launched our own brand “Nishikiya”.

We want to make something that can’t be made anywhere else. Since the customers of “Nishikiya” want it, we will increase the lineup and push forward with genuineness. From “retort but delicious” to “retort so delicious” . There is always a retort close to us as a supporting role for a fun and prosperous life. We will continue to propose such a lifestyle.

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