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ERG! A tasty on-the-go-Immune booster!

ERG! Bars are minimally-processed nutritionally-dense food for active people. Every bar starts with 25% real fruit. Then we add our own nut butter, local honey, organic rolled oats and other whole ingredients. No dairy, no rice, no soy and no gluten. Real food and no preservatives.

Our mission is to make fresh, simple, and healthy energy bars that actually taste good and that will become your favourite. ERG! is a small-batch of fruit & nut bar in 12 great flavours that fill with real nutrition and whole ingredients that you can actually recognize.

We do not cook or bake our bars. They are raw, cold-pressed and minimally-processed. We process only “whole ingredients” and no fractionated ingredients are used. ERG! Bars contain no artificial colours, artificial flavourings, and no corn syrup. ERG! Bars are dairy-free, soy-free, rice-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

ERG! Bars are extremely shelf-stable. Test results show that the gluten in ERG! as “non-detectable” Our facility does not contain any wheat or gluten products. However, If you are highly sensitive please use caution. We also support the NON-GMO Project and ideals. We use many raw ingredients such as cashews rather than roasted. Almonds, cashews, pecans are non-GMO, fruits are non-GMO.

While we make every manufacturing and storage effort to eliminate peanuts from any of our other flavours, peanuts are store in our facility. Similarily we use every effort to isolate other ingredients such as cinnamon from other flavours. Certain flavours may contain shell or pit particles, please consult individual back labels for this information.

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