Honey Stinger

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Honey Stinger – Organic fuel for every day

Honey Stinger Waffle is easy to digest, organic, and come in single-serving wrappers. A sandwich of a thin layer of honey in between two thin waffles. These waffle will satisfy your taste buds and keep you going as an afternoon snack, during your favourite activity or go great with your cup of coffee or tea

The company has the philosophy that you work hard, play hard and pursue magnificent feats. We are a collection of athletes in a myriad of disciplines who succeed and fail on a daily basis. 

We recognize that athletes are looking for ways to optimize their performance. This is why we come up with nutrition products from real ingredients. As firm believers that you are what you eat, we use wholesome, organic, non-GMO ingredients whenever possible. We also believe that what you eat must also taste great.

Honey is one of our key ingredients not only because it is rich in carbohydrates but also because it is a delicious, sweet, simple nectar. When you eat  Honey Stinger Waffles before an activity, the energy is release immediately and absorb into the system at a steady rate. If you eat during an activity, the energy is increase to help delay muscle fatigue.

Honey is rich in carbohydrates, making it an ideal fuel for working muscles. When eaten before activity, it is released into the system at a steady rate throughout the activity. Helps muscles stay nourished longer during exercise and delays fatigue. Research shows ingesting a combination of carbohydrates and protein immediately following exercise refuels and decreases muscle soreness.

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