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ZEGO Contains A Peace Of Mind

ZEGO is committing themselves to make it easy for everyone to eat safe, high-quality, nourishing food regardless of their special diet needs.

Every delicious product ZEGO makes is with nourishing ingredients and tests for allergen and gluten cross-contact. It also includes controversial chemicals like glyphosate and over 400 pesticides and herbicides. Moreover, ZEGO also test crops like chocolate and protein powder that have a history of heavy metal contamination issues.

All our products are gluten-free! Beyond that, some may be better for you than others depending on what your diet is. Here are some examples:

  • Lower Fiber/No Pear: Just Fruit Bars — Cherry, Raspberry
  • Gentle to Digest/ No Apples: Just Fruit Bars — Pear, Strawberry, Blueberry
  • Highest Fiber: Just Fruit Bars — Pear, Strawberry, Blueberry
  • No Seeds: Just Fruit Bars — All Flavors
  • High Omega 3 ALA Fatty Acids: Fruit+Chia Bars, All Flavors Seed+Fruit Bars, All Flavors
  • Protein without Isolates: Seed+Fruit Bars

Furthermore, ZEGO is free from peanuts, milk, nuts, soy, fish, eggs, crustaceans, gluten, mustard, molluscs, lupin, sulphites.  

All the products are designed to be a nutritious and tasty snack. The different Mix-ins are suitable to an add on to improve the flavour, crunch and nutrition your meal.

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