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Our Ready to eat Waffles have become a favourite! These waffles have been popular for so many years! And now with the addition of gluten-free options, Waffles are now an option for everyone!

The inspiration for Gluten Free Waffles was from Belgium where Dutch riders often had these syrupy, chewy waffles on long training rides commonly known as Stroopwafels. These stroopwafel’s wafer layers contain flour, butter, brown sugar, yeast, milk, and eggs. They are press in a hot waffle iron until crisp. While still warm, the waffles have their edges removed with a cookie cutter. This allows the remaining disc to be easily separated into top and bottom wafers. A caramel filling containing syrup, brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon — also warm — is spread between the wafers before the waffle is reassembled. The caramel sets as it cools, thereby binding the waffle halves together.

These delicious Ready to eat waffles with caramel sandwiched between two thin, crispy waffle wafers are the perfect munch. They are certified USDA Organic and come in a convenient single-serve package. We often turn to these waffles when we need something lighter and a little easier to digest compared to an energy bar.

Our waffles come in many fun flavours: Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Vanilla Chocolate, French Vanilla.

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