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Nima Gluten Sensor Deviceย 

*NEEDS GLUTEN TEST CAPSULES TO FUNCTION, capsules sold separately**. Gluten test capsules are Out of Stocks for now.ย 

Nima Gluten Sensor Device is the device that allows you to test the hidden gluten in your food. 1 out of 3 gluten-free labelled restaurant dishes contain gluten. Also, based on thousands of tests of restaurant dishes that were specified gluten-free, as reported by the Nima community. Therefore Nima found to improve Quality of Life.ย Thousands of people are using Nima to live life to the fullest.

Besides that, Nima Gluten Test Capsules:ย 6 Capsules = 6 Tests. Thatโ€™s 6 new foods you know are really gluten-free!ย Most people test 12 times per month and use 2 Test Capsule Refill Pack per month. The test is accurate. Each test capsule contains gluten-detecting chemistry engineered and proven by MIT scientists.Community-powered. iOS/Android App lets you discover and contribute to Nima-tested restaurants near you.


  • Portable. Test your food for gluten at restaurants, when traveling, or at home. Fits in your palm
  • Takes between 2-5 minutes for a result depending on food tested
  • Community-powered. In addition, iOS/Android App lets you discover Nima-tested restaurants and help others by contributing your test results.

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