Ayam Gluten Free Vegetarian Oyster Sauce 210ml


Brand : Ayam (AU)


Ayam Gluten Free Vegetarian Oyster Sauce 210ml

Ayam Gluten Free Vegetarian Oyster Sauce is in fact sweet, savoury, and earthy. Similarly just like the original. But of course suitable for vegan diets. Use ½ cup for every 400g of vegetables at the end of cooking. Over low heat. A versatile vegetarian sauce. In other words, used to enhance flavour in Asian stir-fries.

AYAM™ ingredients have been tested by an independent laboratory. And are in fact certified Gluten Free. No added MSG. And in addition, no preservatives. The factory for example, runs a allergen management plan and performs regular online analysis. Furthermore, add the sweet, salty, and earthy flavours of oyster into your meals with Ayam Vegetarian Oyster Sauce. This dark brown sauce has in fact a rich and concentrated flavour of real oysters, brine, and assorted seasonings. It’s perfect for intensifying the flavours of vegetables, beef, chicken, seafood, noodles, and stir-fries. Can also be used as a condiment.

Country/Place of origin: Malaysia

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place

Ingredients: Water, sugar, soya sauce (water, soybean, salt, rice) 5%, salt, thickener (1422), caramel (150a), mushroom powder, food acid (270), yeast extract, oyster flavour, vegetable gum (415).

Allergen Information: Soy



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