Bakery on Main Organic Happy Rolled Oats 680g

Bakery on Main Organic Happy Rolled Oats 680g


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Bakery on Main Organic Happy Rolled Oats 

As a result, Bakery on Main Happy Rolled Oats have fast preparation time and hold their texture in cooking and baking, so they are great to enjoy for an organic breakfast or as an organic addition to your favourite baked treats!

At Bakery On Main we are happy when you are happy! And for those living a gluten-free lifestyle, happiness is found in having lots of safe, delicious and convenient foods to choose from! Sourced from trusted purity protocol suppliers to processing in our facility, our oats are third-party certified gluten-free. Now, that’s a lot to be happy about. No matter what you want to whip up in the kitchen, the perfect oats are only a few clicks away!

Ingredients: Certified Gluten Free Organic Whole Grain Oats

Made in a facility that processes Peanuts and Tree Nuts

Certifications: GFCO, Kosher Parve, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Organic by Bay State Organic Certifiers.

How to make overnight oats with Organic Happy Rolled Oats

A deliciously balanced meal. There are many ways to go about making overnight oats!

  • Choose your oats. The oats you choose will affect the texture and taste of your breakfast. If you are into a smooth, doughier texture, then opt for quick oats. If you prefer a crunchier, nuttier breakfast, then go for rolled oats.
  • Get the ratio right. When making overnight oats, the exact ratio of milk to oats depends on what type of oats you are using. A trick is to add enough milk to fully cover your oats, but not too much to drown them. If they look too dry in the morning, add an extra splash of milk.
  • Add some protein. Throw in a scoop of yoghurt in place of some of the milk.
  • Add some fat. Not only will this add mega flavour to your oats, but it will keep you fuller longer.
  • Add some texture. For a crunchy oat experience, feel free to add chia seeds or nuts. These will add even more texture.
  • Keep it creamy. For the creamiest oats make sure to use hearty milk, like dairy milk or oat milk.
  • Make it sweet. Honey and maple syrup are great options that mix easily.
  • Add a jolt. If you have an early morning and know you’re going to need an extra pick-me-up, sub out some of the milk for coffee. If coffee isn’t your vibe, add in a teaspoon of matcha powder for sustained energy.
  • Save toppings for the a.m. While the oats need to soak overnight to reach their best texture, it is best to leave adding your toppings until the morning.


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