Berocca Focus Orange Flavour Tablets With Ginseng 30 Effervescent Tablets

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Berocca Focus Orange Flavour Tablets With Ginseng 30 Effervescent Tablets

Berocca Focus Orange Flavour Tablets With Ginseng.  Is in fact an energy multivitamin with ginseng extract. In other words,  it supports improved concentration. Clarity and also stamina. Moreover, it supports the release of positive energy. So for that reason you can be at your best. In fact, getting your Berocca boost of energy couldn’t be simpler. In other words, drop a tablet into a glass of water. And leave it to dissolve eventually. Take maximum 1 tablet of Berocca Focus per day. And in addition, take each day to the next level. Whatever daily challenges you’re facing. Best of all, Berocca is the drop of positivity you need. To be the best you can be. For that reason, switch ON with Berocca!

Features & Benefits
  • Berocca Focus effervescent multivitamin tablets with ginseng supports everyday energy.
  • Helps you stay energised and mentally sharp.
  • Ginseng extract supports concentration, clarity, and stamina.
  • Berocca helps to release energy from your food so you can be at your best.
  • Once a day, dissolve one tablet in water. Let it fizz, then enjoy a drop of positivity.

The formula of ginseng, magnesium, zinc, calcium, vitamin C and all eight B vitamins in fact helps release energy from your food, reduces tiredness and fatigue and in addition, it supports physical and mental stamina. For that reason, this makes Berocca Focus a good choice for getting through those late nights and challenging days.

Dosage: Adults and children over 12 years, 1 tablet dissolved in a glass of water. Take daily as directed by your healthcare professional.

Storage condition: Store below 25°C. Keep the container tightly closed. Do not use if seal around the cap is missing or broken.

30 Effervescent Tablets


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