Casale Del Giglio Merlot
Casale Del Giglio Merlot

Casale Del Giglio Merlot 750ml


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Casale Del Giglio Merlot 750ml

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Casale Del Giglio Merlot – A deep ruby-red wine with aromas of small redberried fruits and cherry. Furthermore, characteristic herbal notes return on a smooth, well-rounded palate.

In addition, depending on the vintage, different vinification techniques are employed to guarantee that the quality of the wine will be consistent from year to year. In addition, the pumping over and ‘délestage’ (rack and return) techniques aerate the fermenting must and favour the formation of stable colour and soft velvety tannins, while the submerged cap technique and permits a longer maceration time of some 15-20 days. It produces a finished wine with greater body and better aging potential. When the wine is racked, the fermented skins are still rich in colour, tannins and aromas.

Grapes: 100% Merlot.

Estate: Lazio

Colour: Deep ruby color.

Nose: Aromas of small red berry fruits and cherry.

Palate: Characteristic herbal notes return on a smooth and also well-rounded palate.

Food Pairings: ‘Bucatini all’Amatriciana’ – a traditional pasta dish in a cured pork and tomato sauce from the Apennine hill town of Amatrice.

Vintage: 2016

Alcohol Content: 13% vol      



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