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Toaster Bags

ekSel Toaster Bags (3 bags in a pack)


Brand : ekSel (USA)

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Category: Toaster Bag

Allergen Information :


Why use a ekSel Toaster Bags?

About ekSel Toaster Bags:

  • Make gluten-free bread sandwiches without cross-contamination. Perfect for preventing food allergies
  • Healthy, make toast without butter
  • No more crumbs in toaster
  • Clean, non-stick means no mess!

How to use?

  • Simply prepare toast, put into bag & place in toaster!
  • And can be used for pizza slices, hash browns, bacon & more.
  • In addition, Usable in Toaster, Microwave, Oven and Grill.


  • Furthermore, Re-usable more than 50 times when cared for well.
  • Also, wash with soapy warm water once done!

Dimensions: W 16cm x H 18cm x Thickness 0.76cm
3 bags in a pack!

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