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EnjoyLife Chocolate Chip Crunchy Cookies – These cookies are amazing! 

EnjoyLife Chocolate Chip Crunchy Cookies! We have got a decadent treat for chocolate lovers! These gluten free crunchy cookies are loaded up with dairy-free chocolate chips and pack a delightful crunch. Who knew being free-from dairy, soy and gluten could taste so good? 

What is inside?
Our cookies contain buckwheat flour, semisweet chocolate and unsweetened chocolate. Despite its name, Buckwheat Flour is unrelated to wheat. Furthermore, high in proteins and essential amino acids, buckwheat flour is a good source of iron. It also includes zinc and selenium. Our certified gluten-free buckwheat flour is ground in a dedicated gluten-free facility. In addition, we combine it with other flours to create our signature gluten-free flour blend. Derived from the cocoa bean, our chocolate simply contains unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter and also cane sugar. Cane sugar is an alternative to refined sugar. While both sweeteners are made from sugar cane, cane sugar juice does not undergo the same degree of processing that refined sugar does and therefore retains a few more nutrients.


Good to know

Free common allergens

  • gluten
  • wheat
  • peanuts
  • tree nuts
  • dairy
  • casein
  • soy
  • egg
  • sesame
  • sulfites
  • lupin
  • mustard
  • fish
  • shellfish
  • crustaceans

Not all of our products are vegan. However, you can confidently enjoy this product knowing that no animal-derived ingredients are included – even honey!

Why EnjoyLife?

All Enjoy Life Foods products are free-from the eight most common food allergens in the United States, as declared by the FDA – wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish. In addition, our products are made in their allergy-friendly facility, so there’s no chance of contamination. Enjoy Life also is free from Canada’s twelve priority food allergens, which include the top eight plus sulfites, crustaceans, sesame and mustard.

But forfeiting the bad stuff doesn’t mean they forfeit the taste or texture you crave! Enjoy Life gets creative with their ingredients to bring you foods that are safe and delicious. In addition to secure rice products, they use nutrient- and flavour-rich grain alternatives such as quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and sorghum flour. Instead of eggs, they use a combination of baking powder, flax and applesauce. Rather than saturated fats, they use non-hydrogenated, trans-fat-free safflower oil. For sweeteners, Enjoy Life skips the refined stuff and uses a combination of natural fruit juices and honey or pure brown cane sugar. They also bake with rosemary extract and a fruit juice/grain dextrin mixture to lock-in freshness and extend shelf life.

To them, being allergy-friendly doesn’t mean giving up your favourite foods like cookies, chocolate bars and seed & fruit mixes. It just means they put a little extra thought and love into creating them safely.

INGREDIENTS: Flour Blend (Brown Rice, Sorghum and Buckwheat), Cane Sugar, Semisweet Chocolate Chips (Cane Sugar, Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Butter), Palm Oil, Water, Natural Flavors, Salt, Vanilla Extract, Xanthan Gum, Leavening (Baking Soda), Konjac Gum, Rosemary Extract.



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