Grained Natural Sea Salt

Sale Marino Grained Natural Sea Salt 1kg


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Sale Marino Grained Natural Sea Salt 1kg

Sale Marino Grained Natural Sea Salt is extracted from the Salinas of Cagliari since the ancient times. The seawater transported to salt lakes and then air dry naturally under the sun. Natural Sea Salt is much better for the body than processed, refined salt. Sea salt, naturally dried in special ponds and raked to harvest, retains many of the minerals and trace elements present in seawater. These minerals, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iodide, are removed when sea or mined salt is processed to become ordinary table salt.

Salt is a condiment, a flavour enhancer for many dishes. It instantly transforms our food from flat to tasty. Natural sea salt is unrefined, hand-harvested, solar-dried, pure. Natural sea salt has its trace minerals left intact giving a richer, more complex flavour than table salt and there are no additives. The texture of natural sea salt varies from region to region, harvester to harvester and is surprisingly different around the world. It can be a thin crisp flake, a coarse chunk, a tiny pearl. The colour can be white or grey or pink. Some salt is completely dry, some are left moist. There are many styles to choose from which opens up a world of experimentation.

Shelf life: 36 months

Packaging: PKT

Origin: Italy

1 Kg


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