Free2B Foods Chocolate Sunflower Butter Cups 40g


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Free2B Foods Chocolate Sunflower Butter Cups

Free2B Foods Chocolate Sunflower Butter Cups contain a light and creamy delicious dairy free chocolate! Furthermore, it is great for those who enjoy chocolate peanut butter cups but suffer from food allergies. 

This light and creamy dairy free chocolate filled with SunButter, is top 12 allergen free! Also, the facility it is made in is top 12 allergen-free too! Thus, the delicious solution for people who crave something to chocolate peanut butter. Hence, this is a great alternative for them!

Made brilliantly at our dedicated facility that is…

For those who have ever had a peanut butter cup, these will fill that craving. Eat one and save the other for later or eat both at once! Furthemore, worry no more as it is just too good not to devour it all!

Additionally, this is how you can spice these chocolate cups up! We recommend having them with whip cream and strawberries. Super fruity touch onto creamy chocolates!

Ingredients: chocolate flavoured confectionery (*cocoa butter, cane sugar, rice syrup solids, *unsweetened chocolate), sunflower seeds, organic evaporated cane juice, *cocoa butter, organic palm fruit oil, tapioca starch, sea salts




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