Incola Gluten Free Pizza Base 230g

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Brand : Incola (Poland)

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Incola Gluten Free Pizza Base 230g

Incola Gluten Free Pizza Base 230g. It is in fact a Gluten-free and vegan base to prepare a home-made pizza. They are completely allergen-free. Put favourite components on the top and roast in an oven for 6 minutes and then savour the taste of prepared crunchy pizza.

Incola was in fact created in 2011. By a team of experts in technology of gluten-free production. Our production lines were designed. Because to completely prevent the entire range of gluten-free products. Against cross contaminations with food allergens.

Incola in Latin stands for Inhabitant. Our objective is thus to reach persons living on gluten-free diet. In any place at any time. With our marketing activities. We want to make life of our customers easier. Not only at their homes. But also when they travel. Stay in a hotel or enjoy a nice meal in a restaurant.

Our core production covers bakery and confectionery products. These products are meant for all consumers with intolerance to gluten. Dairy products, casein, lactose, soy, eggs and any types of nuts.

Based on our repeated contacts with customers in Poland. As well as overseas. We have been able to establish a production profile. That helps us meet the needs of more and more consumers. Suffering from food allergies. Ingredients of our products are selected. So that a consumer can find a product that best suits them.

Ingredients: Water, starches (maize, potato, tapioca), rice flour, emulsifier (mono- and diglicerydes of fatty acids), rice syrup, glucose, yeast, thickeners (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, guar gum), salt.



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