Japanese 100% Soy Noodles

Japanese 100% Soy Noodles 100g (3 servings per bag)


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Japanese 100% Soy Noodles (3 servings per bag)

Japanese 100% Soy Noodles is made from 100% soybeans. By replacing the usual staple food with 100% soy noodles, you can easily suppress sugars from carbohydrates and consume high-quality soy protein.

Japanese 100% Soy Noodles uses Soy from Kyushu. They are Non-GMO soybeans carefully grown by producers in the fertile land of Kyushu. By a special manufacturing method, these noodles do not contain any additives.

The soy noodles is a low carbohydrate and high protein food. If you replace one cup of white rice with 1.5 balls of 100% Soy Noodles, you are actually cutting 13.3 cubes of sugar (carbohydrates) per meal. In the long run, it will help to keep your blood sugar levels on track. This is especially important for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

Unlike most other plant-based proteins, soy protein is a complete protein. This means it contains all of the essential amino acids your body cannot make and needs to obtain from food. Protein helps to repair and build your body’s tissues, allows metabolic reactions to take place and coordinates bodily functions. For vegetarians, vegans and those who avoid or are allergic to dairy foods, soy protein often serve as a major source of this important nutrient.

You can enjoy various noodle recipes using this Japanese 100% Soy Noodles. Such as

1. With retort food and frozen foodPrepare these noodles with commercially available retort sauce or frozen food. You can enjoy various tastes easily and deliciously.

2. Instant noodles with soup: Drop it into your favourite noodle broth and you get instant noodles with soup! Improve your satisfaction with ingredients such as char siu and green onions.

3. Make soup pasta with cream soup. Boil these soy noodles first before adding them into the cream soup. Potage and tomato soup are excellent compatibilities with the soy noodles!

Depending on your choice of favourite ingredients and arrangements, you can enjoy the noodles in any ways you like.
How to boil Soy Noodles

● Hot water temperature: Soy Noodles becomes hard when boiled with boiling water. Once the water has been brought to a boil, lower the heat once and let it boil slowly until it reaches a temperature of “about the fine bubbles come out”. Boil slowly for 12-18 minutes. It takes longer to boil than ordinary pasta, but it is important to boil it well.

● Let’s add edible baking soda!: If you add 2 pinches of baking soda (about 2g) to 1L of hot water, the noodles will have a soft and smooth texture. Adding baking soda will soften the noodles quickly, so please adjust the boiling time to about 3 minutes less than usual. Check the boiling for about 9 minutes and boil until you have the desired firmness.

Boil time

Because it is 100% soybean noodles, it takes a longer time to boil than general noodles, but it is more delicious by boiling the noodles slowly. Please adjust the boiling time according to your cooking and taste.

  • If you like [hard] … the standard is 12 minutes. Recommended when you want a firm texture.
  • [Intermediate] If is good … Approximately 15 minutes. Almighty for pasta, Chinese noodles, etc.
  • If [soft] is good … Estimated 18 minutes. Recommended for udon and cold noodles. In particular, when cooled, the noodles tend to tighten and give a firm impression.

* If you add edible baking soda in hot water, it will soften faster, so adjust the boiling time by “minus 3 minutes” from the above.

About the thickness of noodles

Because of 100% natural soybean noodles, the thickness of the noodles varies depending on the year of soybean harvest. Depending on the thickness of the noodles, adjust the boiling time (while checking the hardness). 

・ Noodles are thin (about 1.8mm) → 9-15 minutes
・ Noodles are thick (about 2.2mm) → 12-18 minutes

Raw material: Soybean (from Kyushu Fukuyutaka) (not genetically modified)

*Please note: Product packaging states that the product was produced “in a factory that also processes milk, egg, fish, crustacean, tree nuts and wheat”. But the product itself does not contain any of them.

Storage instructions:  Avoid moisture and store in a cool, dry place.

Nutrient Ingredients / Per 100g (3 balls per bag)
Energy: 360kcal
Protein: 44.9g
Lipid: 9.1g
Carbohydrate: 15.2g
Dietary Fiber: 18.6g
Salt Equivalent: 0.0099g

100 g (approximately 33.3 g x 3 balls) * 3 servings per bag.


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