Japanese MS Allergen Free Light & Crispy Rice Crackers 60g

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Japanese MS Allergen Free Light & Crispy Rice Crackers

Japanese MS Allergen Free Light & Crispy Rice Crackers. Is in fact, a crispy and soft rice cracker. Made from domestically produced glutinous rice. Individual packaging that is convenient to carry. Each piece is individually packaged. For easy portability. And has a crisp and light texture, and a moderate salt taste that is popular among children. No fragrances, colorants, or chemical seasonings. You can safely eat it with no additives or colorants that are not good for health.

When you look at our daily life, it is a Japanese eating habit where carbohydrates such as bread, rice, snacks, and powder. One of the three nutrients is not sufficient for protein which is said to need 20g for 1-2 years old and 25g for children aged 3-5. If you are looking to eat vegetables, smoothies or salads in your health mind, but you are not sure about how much proteins are eating. Ota Oil MS Komesenbei 16 pieces contains 0.2 oz (6.4 g) of protein. Help your children and family to maintain their health in daily life and help maintain the health of your loved ones. We look forward to your many orders. No Questions Asked!

Ingredients: Uruchi rice (domestic), vegetable oil (palm oil: Malaysia), salt (Seto Inland Sea)



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