Japanese Allergen Free Nameko Mushroom Miso Soup
Japanese Allergen Free Nameko Mushroom Miso SoupJapanese Allergen Free Nameko Mushroom Miso Soup 8.4g

Japanese Allergen Free Nameko Mushroom Miso Soup 8.4g


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Japanese Allergen Free Nameko Mushroom Miso Soup

Japanese Allergen Free Nameko Mushroom Miso Soup is rich in flavour without the used of any chemical seasonings. You can find plenty of domestic nameko mushroom that has a thick and palatable texture in the Miso Soup. You can also feel the rich flavour and the delicious taste of the dashi.

This miso soup is a freeze-dried miso soup that uses the flavour of soup stock. By separating the ingredient block and seasoning block, we are able to freeze-dry the ingredients according to the conditions that best suits each. This helps to further enhance the original flavour of the material. Also, since the blocks are in a separate block, the ingredients are not soaked in seasoning. Thus you are able to enjoy a bowl of refreshing and heartwarming soup.

Nameko mushrooms have a glossy viscous texture, and they are extremely slippery especially when you try to pick them up with a pair of chopsticks. It has a mild earthy flavour and a nutty aroma that nicely balanced the umami taste of miso and dashi. The gelatinous texture of the mushrooms helps to thicken and enhance the salty taste of the soup

They are perfect for travelling abroad. Perfect for camping, hiking or mountain climbing. You can enjoy delicious and authentic miso soup by adding hot water with the freeze-dried miso soup content. It is so light that it won’t get in the way of your luggage. Easy and delicious!

A bowl of miso soup with a rich flavour.

Miso soup has a uniquely hearty and mellow flavour that is rich in umami. Enjoying miso soup as part of a larger Japanese meal will enhance the flavour of the other dishes as well as provide flavour contrast.

Good to know

Free from 7 common allergens: Egg. Milk. Wheat. Buckwheat. Peanuts. Shrimp. Crab.

Free from: Yam. Matsutake Mushroom. Orange. Kiwi. Apple. Peach. Banana. Walnut. Abalone. Red caviar. Squid. Salmon. Mackerel. Beef. Pork. Chicken. Sesame. Cashew.

Ingredients: Nameko, bean miso, mitsuba, dried bonito powder, starch, starch decomposition product, yeast extract, salt, kelp powder / thickening polysaccharide, antioxidant (VE), (some include soybeans)

Allergy information: Soybean



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