Japanese Bears Gluten-Free Hot Cake Mix 200g

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Japanese Bears Gluten-Free Hot Cake Mix

Japanese Bears Gluten-Free Hot Cake Mix. In fact, the seven major allergens are not used. But they are voluminous. And likewise have a fluffy texture. Similar to that of hot cakes. Made from wheat flour. In addition, it has been improved. So that it has a dark brown colour. Making it even more delicious.

Product reviews

“The taste is still a little different from wheat flour. But when I gave it to my family. I didn’t realise that it was made from gluten-free flour. It’s delicious.”

“It’s good to make pancakes with rice flour. It was delicious!”

“Using this mixed powder. You can make Korean cheese hot dogs. That are as delicious as hot dogs. That use wheat, eggs, and soybeans. Thank you for the wonderful product.”

Ingredients: Brown rice flour (Uruchi rice (Kyushu)), rice flour (Uruchi rice (Kyushu)), starch, sugar, corn flour, grape sugar, salt / swelling agent, emulsifier, processed starch, thickener (xanthan gum)

Storage Conditions:
Avoid high humidity and store in a cool and dark place. After opening, close the bag tightly, store in the refrigerator, and use as soon as possible to prevent health damage caused by insect damage. It is recommended to put it in a closed container to prevent moisture absorption and odor adsorption. Also, be careful not to mix gluten from the outside. Please be careful not to get wet.



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