Japanese Cocoa Steamed Bread Mix 80g
Japanese Cocoa Steamed Bread Mix 80g

Japanese Cocoa Steamed Bread Mix 80g

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Japanese Cocoa Steamed Bread Mix

A Japanese Cocoa Steamed Bread Mix that does not use any of the seven major allergen ingredients (egg, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanut, shrimp, and crab). No containers or weighing needed. Simply add water to the package bag and heat it in the microwave to make a steamed bread with a light texture in 3 minutes. Using white sorghum powder, it is able to give the steamed bread a texture similar to wheat. Ingredients are from natural crops that are strong in the natural environment and cultivate with relatively few pesticides. The baking powder in the package does not use aluminium and the thickening polysaccharides are from natural food additives.

With the additional black high millet (black sorghum) and cocoa, this steamed bun is not only delicious but healthy. The black sorghum of Poaceae has a high tannin (polyphenol) content and has a high oxidative effect comparable to that of blueberries.

Shield Lactic Acid Bacteria® is also one of the ingredients in this product. It is one of the many lactic acid bacteria of human origin. In addition, Shield lactic acid bacterium aids in protecting the intestinal tract immune system. Shield lactic acid bacterium (trademark of Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.) is a human-derived lactic acid bacterium that is safe even if you have a milk allergy.

Good to know
  • Gluten-free & vegan compatible
  • 27 items such as allergy specific raw materials are not used
  • Produce at a factory that does not bring in 27 items such as allergy specific raw materials
  • Uses white sorghum powder (Poaceae white high acne) to give it a texture similar to wheat
  • Natural crops that are strong against the natural environment and cultivated with relatively few pesticides
  • Baking powder does not use aluminium
  • Thickening polysaccharides are naturally derived food additives.
  • It can be made with a steamer.
How to make
  1. Cut along the cut line of the bag, remove oxygen scavenger.
  2. Open the bag wide. Align the powder to the brown dotted line. Add in water / flavoured milk / soy milk (about 75cc) and align it to the blue dotted line. You may also add in 2 tablespoons of rapeseed oil or salad oil.
  3. Mix thoroughly until there are no lumps with the spoon. Powder tends to accumulate on the bottom and corners. Do mix well.
  4. Lightly tap the bag on the tabletop a few times.
  5. Place the bag upright in the centre of the microwave to cook. The dough will swell up to about half of the bag.
    – Heating time: 500 W: 3 minutes, 600 W: 2 minutes 30 seconds
  6. Hold the left and right “hold” marks, remove them from the microwave. Gently shake to release steamed bread from the packaging.
  7. Make sure that the bread is cool before consuming.
  • Use up at once after opening.
  • It cannot be used if the bag touches the ceiling inside the microwave oven.
  • Do not heat more than 2 bags together.
  • Be careful of burns as the bag and contents are hot after heating.
  • Be careful not to get injured, such as cutting your hand when opening.
  • Consume as soon as possible after cooking.
  • The bag is used up once. Do not use more than once.
  • This product does not use allergic specific ingredients and is manufactured in a dedicated factory, but if you are very sensitive to allergic symptoms with gluten ingredients, please use it with caution. We recommend that you start with a small amount.

Ingredients: White sorghum powder (manufactured in Japan), sugar (sugar), cocoa powder, black sorghum (manufactured in the US), salt, pasteurized lactic acid bacterium powder/baking powder, thickening polysaccharides

Storage Instructions: Note: This product contains an oxygen absorber to maintain quality, so be sure to remove it before use. After opening, please use up at once to prevent moisture absorption, insect damage and odour. Avoid direct sunlight, please store in a cool, dry place.

Nutrition Information:

  • Energy: 288 kcaL
  • Protein: 5.28 g
  • Lipid: 1.52 g
  • Carbohydrate: 64.48 g
  • Salt equivalent: 1.06 g
  • Iron: 1.92 mg
  • Magnesium: 40.8 mg
  • Polyphenol: 104 mg
  • Lactic acid bacteria: 10 billion



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