Japanese Gluten Free Cut Baum
Japanese Gluten Free Cut Baum

Japanese Gluten Free Cut Baum 25g


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Japanese Gluten Free Cut Baum

Don’t miss this Japanese Gluten Free Cut Baum that does not use wheat! So yummy you won’t know is Gluten Free! Baumkuchen is a German variety of spit cake. It is a traditional pastry of many European countries, and also a popular snack and dessert in Japan. The characteristic rings, which resemble tree rings when sliced, give the cake its German name, Baumkuchen.

Baumkuchen is one of the most popular pastries in Japan, where it is called bāmukūhen (バームクーヘン). It is a popular return present in Japan for wedding guests because of its typical ring shape. An easy shelf-stable product that can be eaten in any temperature.

Chicken egg, sugar, shortening, rice flour, margarine, starch beak starch, corn starch, cream (dairy).

Almond, Reduced starch Glycated product, Emulsifying agent, Baking agent, Perfume, Antioxidant (V.E), also Coloring agent (Carotene)
(Including eggs, milk ingredients, soybeans as part of raw materials.)

Allergen Information:
Allergen substances of this item are egg · milk · soybean.

We manufacture products including wheat · egg · milk · orange · cashew nut · walnut · soybean at this product manufacturing factory.
Hence, if you are sensitive to food allergies, or those with anaphylactic symptoms, please take according to the instructions of a specialist.



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