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Japanese Vegetarian Shoyu Ramen 113g


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Japanese Vegetarian Gluten Free Shoyu Ramen

Japanese Vegetarian Gluten Free Shoyu Ramen is made without using wheat. Moreover, it comes with a soup packet together with the instant Shoyu Ramen that made of non-animal raw materials and is vegetarian-friendly. Rice noodle of the commitment that changed the formulation of raw noodles until aged and dried. Therefore, everyone who ate the slipperiness of the noodle loves the finishing texture.

Even soup can be eaten with confidence. Children with an allergy would love this noodle. Made for the health-conscious with no chemical seasoning. Therefore it is a dish that changes the concept of gluten-free noodles. Please take note that the soup is not dairy-free, people who are allergy to dairy can avoid the soup.


① Put 500ml of water to a pot, after boiling, please put the noodles for 4 to 5 minutes.
② Add in the soup directly to the pot and then mix lightly.
③ Move noodles from pot to a bowl, add your favourite ingredients and enjoy.

Allergens Remarks: Containing in this product: Soybeans

  • This product (soup) is produce on the same line as the product using wheat. After using wheat, we clean the clean thoroughly and carefully. This product does not contain wheat.
  • If you are sensitive to food allergies or have anaphylactic symptoms, please follow the instructions of a specialist.
  • Sago starch acts as the dusting powder (processed starch) contained in the raw materials.
  • The colour of the noodles is vitamin B2.
  • Alginic acid is natural dietary fibre in seaweed such as kelp and seaweed.
  • Gua gum is a dietary fibre from the seed and endosperm of guar in the leguminous family.

Noodles: Rice flour (domestic), potato starch / modified starch, alginate ester, vitamin B2
Soup: Mirin (domestic production), salt, protein hydrolyzate (including soybeans), soy sauce, sugar, Flavored edible oil, yeast extract, spices, brewed vinegar/caramel dye

113g (1 serving)


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