Japanese Just like Meat
Japanese Just like MeatJapanese Just like Meat

Japanese Just like Meat (Fillet 100g)


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Japanese Just like Meat (Fillet 100g)

Japanese Just like Meat – we created this product so that people can make the transition from a meat based diet to a healthy gluten free one easily and stress free. A look and texture that is just like real meat!

Easy, Tasty, Healthy!
…Soak in water for 2 minutes! Soybeans have more protein than meat. Like brown rice, soybeans are called “a perfect nutritional food”. Just Like Meat is made with nutritional soybeans and brown rice.

Just Like Meat does not contain any additives. We process and mill soybeans and brown rice as they occur in nature. We are particular about these being no additives and no chemicals. It is safe food.

Nutrition. Just Like Meat has more protein than real meat and more. Soybeans have more protein in 100g than meat and the quality of protein in soy is higher. This is the reason why soybeans are called “meat of the fields”!And soybeans have no cholesterol, plus 2/3 the fat of meat! And it contains fat but it is plant based. Saturated fatty acid in animal based fat stresses our bodies, but unsaturated fatty acid in plant based fat contains linoteic acid which cleans your blood. Unsaturated fatty acid can’t be created in our bodies, so we need to get it from food

Best before period: two years, so you can conveniently use only the amount you need!

How to store: Room temperature

Nutrition facts:
Calories: 351kcal, Water:5.1g, Protein:52.9g, Fat:0.1g, Total carbohydrate:34.7g, Mineral content:7.2g, Sodium:8mg, Sodium chloride equivalent: <0.1 g


Ingredients: soybeans, brown rice flour (Japanese grown)



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