Japanese Nagatanien Furikake Bonito 30g

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Japanese Nagatanien Furikake Bonito

Japanese Nagatanien Furikake Bonito is a crunchy, umami-packed Japanese blend used to season rice. Also, it is super versatile in that you can use the seasoning to instantly perk up any bland dishes.

Furikake is a known seasoning to spice up plain rice. Thus, this is a must-have seasoning at home. This sprinkle bonito is free from many allergens! 

Free From :
Egg, Milk, Gluten, Buckwheat, Peanuts, Orange, Squid, Abalone, Cashew Nuts, Kiwi, Beef, Soy, Chicken, Banana, Gelatin, Apple, Yam, Mackerel, Peaches, Sesame, Pork.
Additionally, it is free from colouring and flavourings! 
‘Furikake’ means to sprinkle, which is exactly what you do with this flavour-packed seasoning! We highly recommend sprinkling this seasoning on steaming hot rice and mix well. You would not need to worry if you got no time to cook lunch or dinner with this. Just add a little sprinkle and let the umami do all the work! So good you would not eat with any other things!
Also, besides rice, you can enjoy the sprinkle on noodles, fried chicken, stir fry vegetables and also some salads! Furthermore, the real highlight of the product is that it is suitable for children to eat! From the ages 1 and up, this delicious seasoning can be enjoyed by many!
Ingredients: Seasoned granules (bonito flakes, bonito flakes, salt, sugar, corn starch, dextrin, yeast extract) (domestic production), seasoned bonito flakes (bonito flakes, sugar, salt, yeast extract, shiitake mushroom extract), seaweed / antioxidant ( Vitamin E)
Do note: It is made from a factory that produces sesame. Contains traces of shrimp, crab, and salmon.


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