Namisato Bread Mix
Namisato Bread MixNamisato Bread Mix

Japanese Namisato Bread Mix 500g


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Japanese Namisato Bread Mix

Namisato Bread MixMixed flour exclusively for bread with its own blend of domestic rice flour. Even people with wheat allergies can enjoy Bread without concern. You will love the soft, moist and mochi texture of the Bread! Also, you can easily make rice flour bread at your home bakery. One bag of this product can make 2 bread.

Make your house a home by filling it with the healthy gluten free freshly baked bread. The simple goodness of our Namisato Bread Mix makes it the perfect bread for your morning toast or favourite sandwich.

You can feel good knowing you’re baking old-fashioned loaves with real ingredients right at home. Easy to make by hand or in a bread machine. No bread machine? Don’t worry! With our Fluffy Steamed Bread Recipe You can still enjoy tasty bread at home! 

[Nutrition ingredient]
(per 100g)
Energy: 360kcaL
protein: 6.0 g
Lipid: 0.9g
Carbohydrate: 79.0g
Salt equivalent amount: 0.0g

Allergic substance: Rice

Ingredients: Domestically produced glutinous rice, trehalose, thickener (HPMC).

To make a loaf of rice flour bread


  1. Namisato Bread Mix – 250g  
  2. Sugar – 8g
  3. Salt – 5g
  4. Butter – 15g
  5. Water – 210g
  6. Dry yeast  – 3gButter can be replaced with salad oil. You can also make it without fats and oils. 
How to make using a bread machine

1. Set the bread blades.
2. Put the ingredients in the pan case, mix well and set.
3. Select the bread mode for each model.
4. Press the start key.
5. When done. Immediately remove it and cool it.
* When removing from the case, do not shake it too strongly. For detailed steps, see the manual for each model.

To note:

  • The dough becomes a liquid with high viscosity. If the materials are difficult to mix, mix them in a bowl beforehand and then pour them into the case. (As if they are not mix evenly, the degree of fermentation may change partially.)
  • If the bread bulges too much, reduce the yeast a little.
  • When slicing bread, make sure to cool it sufficiently before cutting.
  • It is recommended that you do not give a strong shock when taking out the bread.
[Points for making delicious bread]
  1. Use lukewarm water with a water temperature of around 30 ℃. There are differences in fermentation temperature and time depending on the manufacturer and model of home bakery, so the finish will differ depending on the water temperature set at the beginning.
  2. Do not use dry yeast that has an old date or is poorly stored.
  3. The material should be accurately weighed.
  4. Depending on the pan case used, the four corners may not mix well and may remain as powder. In that case, mix the ingredients in a bowl beforehand and then pour the dough into the bread case and set it.
  5. Tips for slicing. Rice flour bread has a soft dough immediately after baking, making it difficult to slice thinly. You may put it in a plastic bag etc. to prevent it from drying and cool it well in a refrigerator etc. to make it easier to slice bread.



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