Japanese Namisato Gluten Free Tempura Flour 300g


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Japanese Namisato Gluten Free Tempura Flour

This Japanese Namisato Gluten Free Tempura Flour. Is in fact, made using domestic rice flour. It is a tempura flour that uses domestic rice flour as the main ingredient and does not use wheat flour. The crispy texture lasts for a long time. It can be made delicious without eggs and absorbs less oil than wheat flour, so it can be used healthy.

Healthy compared to flour. Oil absorption rate cut by about 55%! * In-house research (comparison with wheat products)
Since rice flour is the main ingredient, there is less oil absorption and less oil seepage over time, so the usual fried foods are refreshingly healthy. You can make a batter with just this product and water.

Freshly fried crispy feeling lasts for 6 hours! * Measurement by component analysis branding. When cooking, it can be fried crispy without using cold water. Also, by rebaking, the crispy texture will be restored over time. The beauty of gluten-free tempura is that rice flour crisps up REALLY nicely when deep fried. Not only does this have a great flavour and work up easily, it has a fantastic texture as well.

Preservation Method: Please avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity. Please store at room temperature.

Ingredients: Rice (domestic) / starch, modified starch.



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