Japanese Rice Soba Noodle 180g


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Japanese Rice Soba Noodle 180g

With modified starch from tapioca made from cassava potatoes, this Japanese Rice Soba Noodle 180g will surely be a hit with during your dinner time. Furthermore, the soba noodles will give you a unique texture and flavour. Additionally, it is made only from hypoallergenic rice Yukihikari and tapioca starch.

You can enjoy this with your favourite soup such as Japanese chicken broth or any Asian style soups. The chewy texture and the flavour of the rice will make you want to stock these noodles up in your kitchen pantry! Furthermore, this is a good substitute for the normal soba that usually contains gluten.

Here is how you can enjoy these lovely soba noodles:

Boil plenty of hot water, just enough to submerge the soba noodles completely. It will take about 9 minutes or so for the soba to be fully cooked. Additionally, you can pick up a strand of the soba noodles and check the firmness. However, please remember to occasionally stir the noodles as they tend to stick at the bottom of the pan. Transfer the soba noodles into a colander. Wash it well under running water. You can definitely enjoy it with a soup or make a stir fry soba!

When stir frying the soba noodles, be sure to use sufficient oil to prevent the noodles from sticking to the pan. A great tip would be adding a little bit of your favourite sauce and allow it to coat the noodles until it dries up. This will let the noodles infuse with the flavour of your sauce.

Note: Due to starch quality, it will stick to each other over time. 

Rice flour (domestic Yukihikari ), modified starch (tapioca starch: from Thailand)

■ Nutrition ingredients (per 100g):
Energy 360kcal, protein 5.7g, fat 0g, carbohydrates 84.2g, sodium 11mg

■ Preservation method:
Direct sunlight Avoid. Store at room temperature in a cool place.
When boiling the noodles, please be careful about boiling water.



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