Japanese Sheng Junmai Daiginjo Hyogo Prefecture 4 x 200ml

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Japanese Sheng Junmai Daiginjo Hyogo Prefecture

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In order to deliver more “delicious” and “impression” to your regular liquor. We have packed the freshness of the aluminium can for this This Japanese Sheng Junmai Daiginjo Hyogo Prefecture. In addition to its quality retention that blocks oxygen and light, this bottle can is lightweight and compact, which is easy to heat conduct, and can be easily cold, and can expand the scene of Japanese sake. Use it for camping, BBQs, and other outdoor activities and travel.

In addition, sake is an alcoholic beverage and most famously in Japan. Sake is a varied category, running the gamut from light, inexpensive examples to rich, complex styles, with the variety of rice and the quality of the water providing the main differentiating factors. Sakes have much lower acidity than wines and are in my opinion a lot easier to pair with foods due to their smoother easy-drinking profile (this is also why they pair so well with light sashimi and sushi).

The raw material has a luxurious fragrance and flavor. You can easily use the “raw liquor” that was only enjoyed in the collection. Fresh fruity flavour. Alcohol content is 16%.

Ingredients: Rice (made in Japan), Rice Koji (domestic rice), Brewed alcohol

4 x 200ml



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