Japanese Rice Roll Cookies (10 pcs) 40g
Japanese Rice Roll Cookies (10 pcs) 40g

Japanese Sweet Potato Rice Roll Cookies 40g

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Japanese Sweet Potato Rice Roll Cookies 10 pcs

Japanese Sweet Potato Rice Roll Cookies are a slightly sweet roll cookie containing domestic rice flour and sweet potato paste. In addition, it has a crispy and soft texture. Since each one is individually wrapped, it is convenient for snacks when going out.

In addition, even people with a food allergy can enjoy this rice roll cookies without concern. Besides that, they are such a great match with a cup of green tea or coffee. Besides, it has crispy and soft texture cookies that have the slight sweetness of rice flour.

This cookie is also suitable for toddler from age 2 years above. There are individual differences in development, so please use the appropriate age as a guide. Parents should check if the product is suitable for the child.

Children tend to prefer soft foods, but chewing on them not only makes it easier to swallow food but have various effects. It is important to give a proper hardness to the chewing ability and make it a habit to chew.

  1. Promotes the secretion of digestive enzymes such as saliva, and enhances digestive function.
  2. Avoid overeating by chewing slowly and eating.
  3. Prevents tooth decay by promoting saliva secretion.
  4. Enrich your facial expressions by using your muscles.
  5. Increases blood flow to the brain, leading to brain development.
MS is an abbreviation for the Maruta Selection. MS delivers a safe and safe snack considering allergies.
  1. No fragrances, colours or chemical seasonings are used in the product.
  2. The raw materials do not use genetically modified raw materials.
  3. All of the allergens used (25 items with allergy labelling, 28 items including sesame, rice, and potato) are display in the raw material column of the product.
  4. All 28 items of allergens used on the production line are also displayed.
  5. For highly processed raw materials and composite raw materials, we have confirmed the origin materials, carryover, and processing aids.
  6. The origin of raw materials is mainly domestic production.
  7. No food additives other than those necessary for manufacturing are used.
  8. Ota Yushi checks the quality of each production lot.

Preservation method: Please store away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.

Ingredients: Rice flour (Toyama), sugar (sweet potato sugar: Hokkaido), sweet potato paste (Japan), vegetable oil (rice oil: Japan)

Allergen: Rice

Contents: 10 pieces



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