Laucke Gluten Free Bread Mix
Laucke Gluten Free Bread Mix

Laucke Gluten Free Bread Mix 500g

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Brand : Laucke (AU)

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Laucke Gluten Free Bread Mix 500g

Laucke Gluten Free Bread Mix 500g has been developed to produce a crusty loaf of excellent appearance and flavour, without wheat flour, less salt, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It has all the flavour and texture of traditional bread.

In addition, it is ideal for baking specialty Crusty breads, Rolls, Vienna sticks, Baguettes and Pizza bases.

Furthermore, this product will produce a more conventional type of white bread with a fine white soft eating crumb and nice thin crisp crust. It is definitely best to mix in a 2 litre bread tin baked in a normal oven. You may follow the instructions on the packet will work if you are using a bread machine. When using a bread machine, pour 2 litres of water into the empty pan and place a mark on the outside of the pan at the water level. This will indicate the ideal proof height for a 500g packet of premix when mixed. In other words ensure the batter increases in volume up to this mark prior to baking.

DO not attempt to slice until absolutely cooled down after baking (2 – 3 hours) and try to avoid eating until 6 hours after baking to enable the crumb to stabilise.

If the batter temperature is below 28 Deg C the proof time will become longer so in an ambient temperature of around 22 Deg C use water at 33 Deg C for the batter.

Ingredients: Tapioca Starch (Tapioca, 220), Potato Starch (Potato, 220), Chick Pea flour, Canola Oil, Sugar, Rice Flour, Non iodised Salt. Vegetable Gum (464, 466, 412, 415 ),
YEAST SACHET INGREDIENTS: Dry Yeast, Emulsifier (E491)
May contain Sulphites

All ingredients are from non-animal sources and are GMO Free.



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