Lowan Cereal Cocoa Bombs 350g
Lowan Cereal Cocoa Bombs 350g

Lowan Cereal Cocoa Bombs 350g

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Brand : Lowan (AU)

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Lowan Cereal Cocoa Bombs

Lowan Cereal Cocoa Bombs is the wholesome breakfast cereal to serve children!

Hey kids – want to know why you need to eat breakfast every morning? When you wake up, it has probably been at least 10 hours since you ate dinner, so your tummy’s really hungry! Eating also boosts you brain-power which may help you concentrate better in maths or spelling, and give you more energy to play sport!

Well… Mums and Dads sometimes need a little reminding of what foods are best for us. Cut out the foods below and stick them on the food pyramid in the right sections. Then stick the pyramid on the fridge at home to remind them! Have fun!

  • Eat only sometimes fats, oils & gluten free sweets – Fats
  • 1 serve of meat or alternatives
  • 2 Serves of dairy or alternatives
  • 3 Serves of fruit
  • 4 Serves of vegetables
  • 5 Serves of rice, gluten free breads, gluten free cereals & gluten free pasta

Lowan has been making Australian breakfast products since 1986. Using 100% whole grains we work hard to keep your mornings clean and natural to fuel your best start. Whether you’re taking on a busy schedule, a work meeting or peak hour traffic, whatever it is, we’ve got your back. With no added sugar and no added preservatives in our oat and muesli range, we’re hard to resist; Australian, plant-based, whole foods, that’s what we stand for.

Ingredients: Rice Flour, Sugar, Glucose (From Maize), Cocoa Powder (3%), Salt, Natural Flavours, Emulsifier (471), Colour [Caramel (150d)], Mineral Salt (500).

May contain: Sulphites, Tree Nuts



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