Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Litres
Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Litres

Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Litres


Brand : Monini (ITA)


Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Litres

Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Litres is easily recognizable thanks to its balanced and harmonious sensorial characteristics and intense, versatile flavour. The pleasant notes of freshness recall the smell of freshly cut grass. Not only is Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Litres rich in aroma with a superior level of taste and fragrance, but it also has an innovated drip cap to ensure precise measure without waste.

Olive oil helps carry the flavour of foods and spices, provides a pleasing feel in the mouth, and satisfies the appetite. Liberal use of it will enhance both savoury and sweet dishes without guilt because of its wonderful health-boosting properties. Olive oils are best used uncooked or cooked at low to medium temperatures. Hence there are many different ways to use olive oil.

Here are some ways to use olive oil:
  • Drizzle it over salad or mix it into a salad dressing.
  • Use in marinades or sauces for meat and vegetables.
  • Add at the end of cooking for a burst of flavour.
  • Drizzle over cooked pasta or vegetables.
  • Use instead of butter or margarine as a healthy dip for bread. Pour a little olive oil into a small side dish and add a few splashes of balsamic vinegar.
  • For an easy appetizer, toast baguette slices under the broiler, rub them lightly with a cut clove of garlic and add a little drizzle of olive oil.
  • Instead of butter in mashed potatoes or baked potatoes, try adding in olive oil. 
  • Use olive oil in your sauces — whisking will help emulsify or blend, the watery ingredients with the oil in the sauce.

With a truly balanced flavour, it really complements any dish and is always a consumers favourite. For all these reasons Monini is the best selling Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Italian market. A real number 1!

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5 Litres

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