Nima Gluten Sensor Device
Nima Gluten Sensor DeviceNima Gluten Test CapsulesNima Gluten Sensor DeviceNima Gluten Test Capsules

Nima Gluten Sensor Device


Brand : Nima (USA)

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Nima Gluten Sensor Device

Nima Gluten Sensor Device is the device that allows you to test the hidden gluten in your food. 1 out of 3 gluten-free labelled restaurant dishes contain gluten. Based on thousands of tests of restaurant dishes that were specified gluten-free, as reported by the Nima community. Nima found to improve Quality of Life. Thousands of people are using Nima to live life to the fullest.

*NEEDS GLUTEN TEST CAPSULES TO FUNCTION, capsules sold separately**. Buy gluten test capsules by Nima Sensor. 

Nima is a powerful supplement to the great work you do every day to stay healthy:

  • Do your normal diligence: call the restaurant, talk to the waiter, make your needs known.
  • Always carry your medical equipment.
  • Once you get your food, let Nima take the first bite.

Using Nima is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Put a little bit of food in a test capsule, insert it into the sensor. Push start.
  2. Nima will reveal in 2-3 min if there’s gluten in the sample. Have peace of mind knowing what’s in your food.
  3. Add your result to the thousands of Nima community-tested restaurants and packaged foods in the Nima app.


  • Portable. Test your food for gluten at restaurants, when traveling, or at home. Fits in your palm
  • Takes between 2-5 minutes for a result depending on food tested
  • Community-powered. iOS/Android App lets you discover Nima-tested restaurants and help others by contributing your test results.


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