Nuco Organic Wraps Moringa
Nuco Organic Wraps Moringa

NUCO Organic Coconut Wraps Moringa 70g


Brand : NUCO (USA)

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NUCO Organic Coconut Wraps Moringa 70g

This Tasty NUCO Organic Coconut Wraps Moringa is like a Tortilla Without all the Carbs and Guilt! A Non-GMO and All-Natural Alternative to Bread and Tortillas! Our Paleo and Keto Diet Approved NUCO Coconut Wraps are also made from three simple, real-food ingredients: Coconut Meat, Coconut Water, and Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil.

What is Moringa? Moringa is a plant native to Africa and Asia. Due to its rich amount of healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds, Moringa is praised for its health benefits for thousands of years. Not forgetting, Moringa also has a delicious spinachy green flavour.

There is NEVER a need to refrigerate, freeze, or heat your NUCO Wraps – though some do, hence, you get to enjoy your favourite wraps wherever and whenever. In conclusion, from savoury to sweet, NUCO Coconut Wraps is an ideal replacement for your sandwiches, crêpes, tacos & burritos, or whatever you desire – or even as a snack.

Good to know: 
  • Derived from Non-GMO Coconuts
  • An All-Natural Alternative to Breads & Tortillas
  • Only 70 Calories per Wrap & 4g Net Carbs!
  • Gluten and Grain-Free
  • USDA Certified Organic And Non-GMO
  • Paleo and Keto Diet Approved
  • Low-Carb
  • Vegan and Raw
  • Corn, Yeast, Starch, Soy, Lard, Egg, and Dairy-Free
Suggested Use

Simple recipes

1: Spread mayonnaise on your NUCO Wraps and fill with quinoa, chopped kale, sun-dried tomatoes, and top with a dash of spices and garnish with some shredded carrots. Carefully roll and enjoy!

2: Wrap your favourite combination of scrambled eggs, chopped onions, tomatoes, top with cheese and avocado, and add some jalapeno for an extra morning kick

3: Spread some chilli on your NUCO wrap and layer with chopped spinach, red onion, tomatoes, then top with a drizzle of your favourite dressing. Add your favourite protein, wrap and enjoy!

Ingredients: Coconut meat, Coconut Water, Virgin Coconut Oil, Moringa Powder

Contains: Tree Nuts (Coconut)

70g (5 pcs)



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