Ozeki Hana Fuga Peach
Ozeki Hana Fuga Peach

Ozeki Hana Fuga Peach Sake 250ml


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Ozeki Hana Fuga Peach 250ml

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The Ozeki Hana Fuga Peach 250ml is named the ‘Sparkling Empress’ due to its refreshing, light and bubbly taste. Other than that, it has a sweet and peachy flavour, which makes it excellent as an aperitif and dessert sake. It pairs very well with light meals and is best enjoyed chilled.

Japanese Name: 大関 花風雅 桃
Volume: 250ml
Alcohol %: 7%

Ingredients: rice, rice malt, peach juice, sugar, sour agent, perfume, carbon dioxide.

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