Rustichella Gluten Free Gnocchi
Rustichella Gluten Free Gnocchi

Rustichella Gluten Free Gnocchi 2 x 500g



Rustichella Gluten Free Gnocchi – an ancient alternative to pasta.

Rustichella Gluten Free Gnocchi are small pieces of dough, round in shape; usually boiled in water or broth and then seasoned with various sauces. The common ancestor to many different dumplings found throughout Europe. The Roman Legions introduced gnocchi to Europe as the Empire expanded across the continent. It made by using potatoes and rice flour. Although gnocchi is sometimes made using durum semola, this gluten free alternative is consistently soft. Moreover is airy and light. It is never hard or thick. This wonderful texture means that there is a huge variety of applications for Gnocchi. Perfect for rich, hearty preparations such as sausage and leek raga.

This traditional Italian Style Gnocchi is made from the best Gluten Free ingredients. Furthermore, they are processed and mixed in small quantities ensuring a consistently top quality product.

These delectable gnocchi are like delicate little clouds that melt in the mouth. They are fantastic with all sorts of sauces. In addition, it taste great served with some rustichella sauces. 

Simply Wize gnocchi is easy and quick to make.

Ingredients: 85% potato puree (water, dehydrated potatoes), rice flour, potato starch, salt, sorbic acid.

2 x 500g

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