Yamamoto Kanpo Fat Off Tea
Yamamoto Kanpo Fat Off TeaYamamoto Kanpo Fat Off Tea

Yamamoto Kanpo Fat Off Tea 24 x 10g


Brand : Japan

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Yamamoto Kanpo Fat Off Tea (24x10g)

Yamamoto Kanpo Fat Off Tea is a health tea perfect as an accompaniment to a fatty meal. With a blend of 11 ingredients, including eucommia leaves and pu’er tea. We recommend this delicious tea for anyone who concerned about fat and health. It helps to support your daily diet.

Furthermore, it is a healthy tea made of selected ingredients (Akinaka leaf, Oolong tea, PUARU tea, green tea extract) which are useful for those who want to reduce fat.

How to Drink:

  • Place 1 bag into approximately 24 – 30 fl oz (700-900cc) of hot or boiled water. Leave tea bag in hot water for 5 minutes before drinking.
  • When iced: After boiling, leave to cool, put in a bottle or water pot and place in the fridge before drinking.
  • When cold: Put 1 bag in a water pot, pour in approximately 27 fl oz (800cc) of water and place in the fridge for 2 hours for cold fat off tea. It tastes even better if you leave it all night.

Caution on Use: 

  • It is made with natural ingredients so there may be instances of color and flavor changes. This will not affect the use of the product.

Ingredients: Zhong Zhong tea, hub tea, barley, brown rice, oolong tea, soy, puar tea, persimmon leaf, licorice, green tea extract, kelp.

24 x 10g


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