The Perfect Milkshake

The Perfect Milkshake

Creating the perfect milkshake is actually quite simple. It only requires the right type of milk you use. With Barebell’s Milkshake range, you can easily achieve the right creaminess within minutes!


In a blender, blend together ice cream and milkshake. Pour into a fancy glass and garnish with whipped cream, sprinkles and any other toppings you fancy! Simple and easy, within minutes you will get your delicious milkshake!

We have four different type of flavours you can choose from to create the best creamy milkshake for all to share! Milkshakes are super versatile so it will be a perfect beverage to be making with your friends and family. Furthermore, the choice of toppings you can use will enhance the flavour of your milkshake!

Here is how you can pair some topping with the Barebell Milkshake Flavours.

Vanilla: The basic cookies and cream flavoured biscuits is always great with vanilla. The creamy nuts in peanut butter will add richness to vanilla. For all coffee lovers, adding instant espresso powder will make your milkshake taste like a tiramisu! Also, sprinkling some granola adds a delicious crunch to your milkshake.

Banana: Chocolate syrup is always the go to choice of syrup as it tastes too good! Additionally, you can always break small pieces of brownies and add them on top. 

Strawberry: Chocolate dipped nuts is always good with strawberry. Or simple whip cream and small pieces of brownies on the top is the simple classic topping! Keep it simple with strawberries as the flavour is good on its own.

Chocolate: Go nuts! You can never go wrong with nuts on top of the whipped cream. Furthermore, adding chopped fruits also tastes just as good!


! Happy Trying !

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