Yamamoto Tea

Yamamoto Tea

Yamamoto Tea supports a healthy lifestyle with good tea. With four different types of tea, you can easily enjoy this tea on its own or pair with a small snack to enjoy during tea time.

Fat Cleanse Tea

This is perfect for those who like greasy meals. Also, those who are worried about gaining weight or just feeling slightly heavier after a huge greasy meal, this would make you feel much better after one cup. Also, it contains 11 kinds of health ingredients which is beneficial to the body. Such as, soybean, barley, kelp and oolong tea. 

The secret to making it delicious?

Put 1 bag in boiling water and simmer on low heat for 5 minutes. This will ensure the flavours are at their optimum for you to taste the goodness! Additionally, to enjoy it cold, you can put it in the fridge after the tea has infuse with the water.

Sugar Cleanse Tea

This is good for those who have a sweet tooth! Those that are concerned about their sugar level, this tea helps maintain a healthy liver and kidney functions. It contains 12 health ingredients which is good for the body. Such as Jackbean, barley, guava leaf and persimmon leaf. Additionally, it works perfectly as sugar loss tea for both women and men.

The secret to making it taste like barley tea?

Allow it to brew a little more in a boiling teapot! The flavours will infuse with the water and leave you with a delicious flavours! Furthermore, if you prefer to enjoy it chill, have it sit in the fridge for 1 hour.

Salt Cleanse Tea

This are great for those who who want to control their salt intake. Basically enjoying salty dishes is not going to bring you worry anymore with this tea. It helps to prevent body swelling due to the excessive salt intake. Also, the tea will let you be less stress with the 15 kinds of health ingredients! Such as water spinach, cassia, black bean and ginkgo leaf.

The secret to making it taste good?

Put 1 bag in a cup and pour water in. Put in the fridge to cool and enjoy after the tea has infuse with the water! Furthermore, if you prefer to have it hot, you can always boil water and let the bag infuse with the water.

Green Barley Powder

Purity 100%. Tasty Aojiru having powdered tea taste. It has a clean taste and simple original taste and aroma of the ingredients. Therefore making it so tasty that you won’t get tired of drinking it everyday. One cup of Aojiru provides ample supply of vegetables! 

Simply add in ginger and honey into this drink to make Green Barley Ginger Honey. You also can turn this into a yoghurt smoothie green barley flavour. Simply add in the powder into the yoghurt and blend all together!


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